Rainbow Friends Among Survival Adventures

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Starting the Game
To begin, simply click on the "Play" button on the welcome screen.
Your web browser will automatically save your game progress and high score.
Controlling the Game
For Desktop:
Use the arrow keys or the W, A, S, and D keys on your keyboard to move your character.
For Touchscreen Devices:
While this game can be played on touchscreen devices, it's best experienced on desktops with keyboards due to optimized controls.
Controls and Indicators
The coin collection meter is displayed at the top center of your screen.
By clicking on the pause button within the coin collection meter, you can access the following options:
End: This option allows you to quit the game and return to the level selection screen.
Retry: Start the level from the very beginning.
Resume: Continue playing from where you left off in the level.
The game consists of a total of 20 levels.
Levels are unlocked in a sequential order.
You have the freedom to replay any of the levels you've successfully unlocked.
If you fail a level, you can replay it as many times as needed without any restrictions.
Basic Rules
Assume the role of a character dressed in a red spacesuit, reminiscent of the crew members in the popular game Among Us.
Your objective is to collect all the coins scattered throughout the maze.
Keep in mind that some coins spin and may only be collected when spun in a certain way.
After gathering all the coins, head towards the trap door to complete the level.
The trap door will signal that you can exit it by blinking.
If you've collected all the coins but the golden trap door doesn't blink black, you'll need to restart the level, as one of the coins wasn't registered as collected.
Avoid being caught by the various creatures roaming the maze.
These colorful creatures, inspired by other internet-famous games, move around the maze.
Failing to avoid them results in level failure.
Each creature employs a distinct movement strategy.
Coins that are difficult to reach can often be collected when the creature pauses after a failed attempt at a long movement.
Strategically use obstacles and hazards to create distance between you and the creatures. This can force them to choose a path while allowing you to take another route.
Lure them down a path you don't intend to go by staying close to the side you want to avoid. When they approach, take the other path around the obstacle.
Stay cautious of other hazards.
As you progress, you'll encounter moving buzz saws.
Touching them results in level failure.
Unlike the creatures, buzz saws follow a predetermined path, making them easier to evade.
These elements serve as both obstacles and hazards simultaneously.
Be aware that falling off a platform into lava or being pushed into it results in failure.
Intended Audience
This game caters to players who enjoy coin collecting runner games.
It is important to note that the game does not include mature content.